Saturday, 2 February 2008

Spring is in the air

Look what I got in the post today!

Some more books for my African Reading Challenge. I love getting books in the post, there's all the satisfaction of a package with the added thrill of new books. It's not quite as good as browsing in an actual bookshop but it's lovely all the same. I've just started using The Book Depository and it's been so good. It has a massive selection of books (I went on there originally because I couldn't find all the books I needed for the African challenge on Amazon), with good prices and free delivery. I think the free delivery is what sells it to me. I hate the awful "hmmm which delivery method should I use" part of Amazon and the cost usually makes me feel I've not made such a big saving on the book. The BD also sends the books out as they're ready from its warehouse, which means I had the fun of receiving So Long A Letter earlier in the week. So I get even more packages, which can only be a good thing. And it sends book marks too, which should help to stop me moaning about the perpetual lack of book marks in my's such a lovely morning here, cold but bright and clear. The spring bulbs are still coming up. The slight breeze is perfect for the laundry on the line. I had the distinct feeling that I was being watched as I refilled the bird feeder. So I wasn't too surprised when the blue tits and our local jay were there within seconds of me closing the back door. I love watching the birds, the wood pigeons bullying the magpies, the robins who seem so fearless. I even love the squirrels, despite my perpetual campaign to position the feeders in squirrel-proof locations! I've got to admire their ingenuity at getting at the food. Spring is definitely in the air in London despite the snow and storms in other parts of Britain.


Juliet said...

Laundry flapping on my line this morning, too. It's great to be able to get it out there, though the wind here is so icy I imagine it will freeze solid rather than actually 'dry'!

Do, please, consider putting Salt & Honey on your Africa reading list (see my recent post) - it's absolutely stunning and I've never before got such a strong sense of a tribal language from a book.

I must investigate the BD. I tripped over with Amazon recently, altering an order too late, and ended up paying two lots of postage when I'd intended to pay none!

Logophile said...

I've just bought Salt & Honey, I was thinking of adding it after I read your wonderful review and your comment was the push I needed! I'm having a bit of a Book Depository morning anyway, and not having to pay postage means I can buy only a book at a time (but there go my tentative plans to not buy any books in Feb!). Hope the laundry doesn't freeze on the island ;)

Mini said...

I think I would freeze to death just trying to put laundry on the line outside right now. Enjoy your weather! :)

Melanie said...

I had "So long a letter" given to me, and it's one I really want to read. I'd forgotten about "Salt & Honey" but you all make it sound so worth reading, too!

verbivore said...

Oh how exciting! I got a different Nadine Gordimer in the mail today too. I love books in the mailbox, absolutely the best part of my day!