Monday, 25 February 2008

Monday, monday

How on earth is it Monday already? The weekend whizzed by, with just not enough reading, either of books or blogs, to keep me happy. My mind is still on law study so I've been flitting around since I finished Then We Came to the End. I'm counting the minutes (well, almost!) until next Saturday afternoon, when my Litigation exam is over and I can enjoy some guilt free reading. Happily, I'm now 100 pages into The Crime of Father Amaro by Eca de Queiros. He's a brand new author for me, and I'm enjoying it so far. The themes of hypocrisy and romantic love are deliciously rendered, with some of the characters just hilariously drawn. It's set in Portugal in the 1880s, which is an almost utterly unknown period for me and it's interesting to contrast it with the 19th century British and American novels I've read. At this stage, I feel sure that I'll write up my thoughts more fully in due course.

I was also lucky enough to have an excellent brunch yesterday, hosted by a dear friend who lives in the most amazing flat just steps away from Borough Market. She's a voracious reader, with such a wide and interesting taste. I can spend hours gazing at her shelves and asking for her thoughts on the various books I stumble across. I trust her recommendations a lot, so there was much opinionated discussion of what we loved and what we hadn't. Pretty much the ideal way to spend a Sunday morning at a time when I just don't have time to read as much as I'd like!


verbivore said...

Friends with similar tastes in reading are priceless - so is spending a lazy morning browsing someone else's bookshelves! Sounds lovely.

Anonymous said...

It's posts like this that make me so glad that my exam days are over and done with. Good luck, I hope the questions you want turn up.

Juliet said...

Good luck with your litigation exam!

Logophile said...

Verbivore, I agree that friends with great reading tastes are priceless!

Table talk & Juliet, thanks for your kind words. It was hard, but is now luckily a fading memory (helped in a large part starting Revolutionary Road straight afterwards!)